December 10. 1957

HATZIMICHALI’S SARAKATSANS: (From «An Athenian’s Notes») I have before me two volumes comprising 800 pages and with 450 images, the product of a truly exhausting study by the tireless Angeliki Hatzimichali of the Sarakatsan people. Does such a large tome – a second and third are yet to come – on these nomadic shepherds seem excessive? Most certainly not. Hatzimichali wanted to research the origins, the way of life, folk art and language of these people to prove their Greekness and their close links with the lives of other Greeks. This study, which manages to be interesting on every page, is full of useful information and charm. Just imagine that there are 81,000 Sarakatsan shepherds in Greece and that they have flocks totaling 2 million sheep and goats. The first volume focuses mainly on a detailed scientific investigation of the Sarakatsans’ origins, showing that their roots go back to ancient Greece, as well as their art and unique nomadic culture. YUGOSLAVIA’S INDEPENDENCE: Belgrade, 7 – The Yugoslav Communist Party announced today that a joint declaration by 12 communist parties signed in Moscow last month shows that Yugoslavia’s delegates were right not to sign it.