December 12, 1957

NATIONAL THEATER: The National Theater of Greece has received an official invitation to open the Second Festival of the Theater of Nations to begin in Paris on March 26. In a letter from the Theater of Nations, the theater’s administrators say that the Greek National Theater deserves to open the festival. According to reports, the National Theater, in cooperation with the Education Ministry, will accept the invitation and give two or three performances of ancient tragedy and one comedy by Aristophanes. Another invitation has come from Vienna’s Burgtheater for performances of tragedies between June 1-15, to coincide with other plays and cultural events in the Austrian capital. The directors of the Theatre des Champs Elysees have also asked the National Theater to perform in Paris, Milan, Brussels and at the annual Festival of the Netherlands between July 15 and August 15. It has also been invited to appear in Scandinavia, Bonn, Berlin and Cairo, the latter either at an indoor theater or at an outdoor venue near the Pyramids. We also understand that there have been invitations from Poland to visit the National Theater of Warsaw.