December 13, 1957

AVEROF’S BATTLE AT UN: New York, 12 – At today’s resumption of the UN Political Committee’s talks on the Cyprus issue, the delegates from Canada, Chile, Denmark and Norway – obviously at the instigation of Britain and the US – submitted an amendment to the Greek draft resolution which fundamentally changed it so that it now contains absolutely no reference to the term «self-determination.» However, Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Averof said he would submit a counter-amendment stressing the need for negotiations aimed at implementing the Cypriot people’s right to self-determination… «We came to the UN,» he said, «with a specific mandate to seek a resolution on self-determination. We will not leave our mission unfinished. I have a duty to draw the Committee’s attention to the fact that the use of similar tactics by the Great Powers is a danger to the UN. But since these tactics are being used, I will also use one. I submit an amendment to the amendment…» The Committee approved the counter-amendment but the Greek proposal did not obtain the two-thirds majority required for ratification by the General Assembly.