The rule of tertiary education’s few

Greek universities are being haunted by the ghost of autocracy. It does not come from the state or staff, but rather from a small cluster of leftist students who govern the daily business of universities. They force the elected senate to refrain from discussing topics of which they do not approve. They take over buildings and prohibit researchers from entering the premises. They have taken Greek universities by force, and with our tolerance, and they are constantly undermining the institution of tertiary education. The decision by the senate of the University of Crete to close its doors after it was invaded by a small group of leftist students is a cry for help. The university community has reached the end of its tether and can no longer subjugate itself to the rule of a minority of self-proclaimed leaders. It has no other way to defend itself. The situation has reached crisis point. Deans, professors and the overwhelming majority of students are being held hostage to the «revolutionary visions» of a small minority, who are covered by the asylum law, and allowed to impose their will.