December 15, 1957

TERRORISM: A terrorist attack yesterday on the USIS office at 39 Stadiou Street, in which a dynamite explosion rocked the city center, is the third such attack in a row. The previous two attacks were on the American base at Hellenikon airport, although they were made known only after the third. The attacks at the base were conducted with time bombs that went off yesterday at 1.05 a.m. and at 1.25…. Despite reports that four Americans and one Greek staff member at the base were injured in the second blast, Greek police categorically denied that anyone had been hurt in the incident. KATHIMERINI COMMENTARY: No Greek can possibly condone last night’s attack on American installations. Bombs are not the right way to go about convincing the Americans that they have taken the wrong approach on the Cyprus issue. On the contrary, they could destroy the bridges between our two countries that are so necessary for us to continue our efforts in the hope that one day they will realize that we are right and they are wrong. The bombings also damage Greece’s interests in general. From this point of view, it may be that foreign interests are behind them.