Time for clarity on pension reforms

Social security reform concerns every citizen of Greece. It is inevitable and necessary. At the same time, however, the public’s overriding concern about the reforms and the reactions that have stemmed from people’s need to know how they will affect their futures are perfectly justified. The government has shown that it has the courage to ignore populist alarm bells and to move forward with incisive changes. But it is high time that the government revealed its plans clearly and in detail. This, furthermore, is the only way to rein in the uncontrollable populism displayed by certain members of the media and unions. The social security issue also represents – at the very least – a test for the opposition. The public expects specific proposals from PASOK, which had, moreover, attempted its own sweeping social security reform in the past. The time of not knowing precisely what is happening and of listening to yellow-press accusations is over. Now it is time for responsible proposals from all sides.