December 18, 1957

EISENHOWER-NATO: Paris, 16 – The first important meeting since the founding of the Atlantic alliance took place this afternoon at the Palais de Chaillot, with the participation of the heads of government of 14 NATO member states, apart from Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, who never attends international summits. Large delegations including the ministers of foreign affairs, finance and national defense, chiefs of staff, economic, diplomatic and technical advisers are accompanying the heads of government. At noon, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower arrived in a glass-topped car surrounded by a dozen motorcyclists. He was welcomed by NATO Secretary-General Paul-Henri Spaak. Eisenhower showed no signs of his recent illness and shook his colleagues’ hands warmly. In the center of the hall was a large round table with the NATO emblem placed in the middle. The US president sat to the right of Spaak, with Secretary of State John Foster Dulles next to him. The opening session lasted almost 40 minutes, with just three speakers, including President Eisenhower.