Propagating illegal activities

The issuing of a permit for a refreshment bar that allowed the former employment and social security minister to build a villa within a wooded area has revived the subject of the rampant illegal activity taking place at the foot of Mount Hymettus. According to statements by Vassilis Magginas, the same unlawful route has been taken by many so they can build on forestland. His statements should have caused a stir among at least some members of the government and local administration. Didn’t the Prefecture of Eastern Attica, which is responsible for such permits, get wind of what he said? Did the minister of environment, town planning and public works see this rife illegality and choose to turn a blind eye? Won’t justice step in? Magginas is gone, but illegality remains and it will continue undaunted as long as the rule of «Come on, everybody’s doing it» prevails. And every summer, with great pomp and fervor, we will condemn the arsonists who burn down our forests.