December 27, 1957

UN AGAINST CYPRIOTS’ SELF-DETERMINATION: New York, 14 – The 12th General Assembly of the United Nations did not manage to ratify a resolution by the Political Committee proposing negotiations to settle the Cyprus issue based on the provision of self-determination for the Cypriot people. There were 31 votes for and 23 against, with 24 abstentions. BACK FROM PARIS: 21 – Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis arrived by air yesterday from Paris where he had taken part in the NATO summit. Meanwhile in London, the House of Commons has ratified the Paris conference treaty by 289 to 251 votes, providing for the installation of guided missiles on British soil. Britain appears to be the first Allied country to accept that there is a Soviet threat… ANTI-SOVIET COMMENTS: (From «An Athenian’s Notes») 24 – A prominent writer has sent me a letter criticizing newspapers that supposedly give in to communist propaganda by emphasizing Russian achievements in technology or other fields. Allow me to differ. Journalism is an historical source and, therefore, it must tell the truth. Herodotus wrote that stories should be written down so that great works, whether by Greeks or barbarians, are not forgotten.