Pension reform must go ahead

Reform of the social security system must continue, independent of people and events. It would be a grave mistake for the government to begin planning changes to the system all over again, as though no groundwork had already been done. Such a move would be a (further) waste of important time for the administration and would shove the incisive reform program to being realized on the famed Greek calends (i.e. never). Reform of the social security system cannot wait until the next administration and in no way will a simple revamp be enough to solve all the problems plaguing it. The government must prove its mettle and forge ahead with the unification of pension funds, with limiting the number of early retirements and restricting the scope of professions covered in the hazardous and unhealthy category of the system. Any diversion from or concession on these goals will take a hefty toll on the generations to come.

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