December 31, 1957

LIKE GOERING: Dr Douglas Kelly, a world-renowned criminologist, killed himself yesterday by drinking poison. Kelly, who was 45 years of age, had taught at the University of California since 1949. Kelly, who led the team of psychiatrists attending the Nuremberg trials, took the same poison that Nazi war criminal Hermann Goering had drunk when he committed suicide in 1946 while in prison. The police announced that the professor drank the contents of a small phial that he had brought back from Germany. Before Kelly died, he told his wife that he had voluntarily taken the poison. He had suffered from severe stomach problems. MARIA CALLAS: Rome – The diva Maria Meneghini Callas broke down in tears in her dressing room last night after singing the first act of Vincenzo Bellini’s bel canto «Norma.» Hundreds of people gathered outside the Rome Opera House and the police arrived to maintain order. Callas left from a side door and entered her hotel through the service entrance. Her friend Elsa Maxwell tried to comfort the singer. Her doctor said that she would regain her voice and that her career was not over. Apparently, she is only able to speak in whispers at present.