Light needs to be shed on Zachopoulos case

Greece faces significant structural problems that require immediate solution. Society, with the help of many different sectors of the media, has spent the past few days focusing on the personal lives of government figures. Naturally, light must be shed on every aspect of this case so that we can understand how much of it has to do with personal issues, how much with any blackmail attempt and how much about the misappropriation of public funds. On the other hand, it would be a waste of time for the opposition to focus its rhetoric on a case that may prove in the end to be nothing more than a crisis of a personal nature. Justice will provide the answers to who did what in the case of Christos Zachopoulos. Until then, the government must go ahead with the reforms it has pledged, the opposition should be putting together viable alternative proposals and the media should be separating personal matters that deserve some privacy from true public scandal.