January 2, 1958

LIKE GOERING: Berkeley – World-renowned criminologist Dr Douglas Kelley put an end to his life yesterday by swallowing poison. He had been teaching at the University of California since 1949 and was 45 years of age. Dr Kelley, head of the group of American psychiatrists who attended the Nuremberg trial, died by taking the same type of poison that Nazi war criminal Hermann Goering had drunk when he committed suicide while in prison in 1946. The police announced that the professor swallowed the content of a small phial of poison that he had brought home from Germany. MARIA CALLAS: Rome – After singing the first act of Bellini’s «Norman,» Maria Menengini Callas broke out in tears in her dressing room and the rest of the performance was postponed. Hundreds of people gathered outside the Rome Opera House and the police arrived to keep order. Callas left the building via a side door and entered her hotel through a service entrance. The doctor who examined her said Callas would regain her voice and that her career had not come to an end. Elsa Maxwell, a friend, said the «poor girl» could only just whisper.