May 3, 1952

GREECE-TURKEY: The official communique released last night afer the Greek-Turkish talks in Athens is lacking in any real content. It refers vaguely to sincere warmth and and a recognition of views, while promising «a continuation of this decisive spirit of hard effort and the right of both peoples to look forward to the future with justified optimism.» PAPAGOS: Mesolongi, 2 – In the shadow of the historic fortress of Nafpaktos and in the midst of a large crowd of people, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos today announced the beginning of the final attempt to overthrow the Plastiras government and for the speedy election of a Greek Rally party government. LIANA SOMERITI: On Wednesday, May 14 at 6.15 p.m., there will be a recital at the Kotopouli-Rex Theater by the Aliki Paparriou School of Dance with Liana Someriti at the piano. GOLD SOVEREIGN: The price of the British gold sovereign reached 219,500 drachmas (compared to 221,800 last week) because of private supplies on the official and the open market. REACTIONS: Following the fall of Il Duce, all the bronze statues of him have been melted down and used for busts of Pope Pius and Palmiro Togliatti, the leader of the Italian Communist Party.HAMBRO: The British banker Mr Hambro arrives in Greece today for talks on Greece’s debts to his bank.