Nurturing hope for a year of consensus

The beginning of a new year always provides a good opportunity for reflection. It is a time to assess the mistakes and successes of the year that has just passed and also a time for us to set new goals for the coming year. The past year, 2007, has left us with a feeling of mediocrity, but also with a disquieting sense of the inadequacy of our political system and the state mechanism. In the new year, 2008, we must deal – in a mature manner – with the biggest problems facing Greece so that we can come up with solutions that are practical, sensible and applicable. The political parties in Greece will be able to demonstrate that they are capable of managing the country and its problems only if they assume the political and social responsibility for much-needed reforms jointly, as one body. Let us hope, therefore, that 2008 will be a year of consensus, a year of solutions and a year of change.