May the rule of law prevail

For an entire year, the ATM robbers on Crete provoked Greeks with their brashness and served as a constant reminder of the lawlessness that prevails throughout the country. The fact that they could act without compunction is like they were laughing right in society’s face. Now the robbers are being brought to justice. This is yet another victory for justice over the lawlessness that swept the mountains of Crete. But it also illustrates that when the police and the judiciary set their minds to something, they can be successful. Lawlessness cannot flourish when the state’s law enforcement mechanisms are working well. Greek citizens have placed their trust in the justice system and in law enforcement, and this trust is reinforced when they, in turn, do their jobs. The case of Zoniana should serve as the first step in the reign of the rule of law over every corner of the country and every aspect of society.