January 4, 1958

EISENHOWER: Washington, 9 – US President Dwight D. Eisenhower today made his annual State of the Nation address to Congress. He referred to all the major domestic and foreign affairs of interest to the country and the free world. Under the general slogan of security through force, he asked for a boost to the US defense forces and those of its allies, but did not close the door on an honest attempt to secure peace. The US president appealed to the Soviet Union both to reach an agreement on disarmament and on scientific cooperation in a five-year campaign against the major diseases plaguing humanity. He spoke for some 40 minutes and received loud applause at the speech’s conclusion. RIGAS GOLFIS: The poet Rigas Golfis (the pen name of Dimitris Dimitriadis) died yesterday. Born in Mesolongi in 1886, he worked as a notary public in Athens and was a regular contributor to the magazine Noumas. He published several collections of poetry. SOLOMOS: The Dionysios Solomos exhibition is continuing at the French Institute after having already been visited by 1,000 schoolchildren and students and 3,000 adults.