A country in urgent need of a wake-up call

Greeks’ fear of the future can, in part, be explained by the fluidity of the international arena. A great part of their fear can also be attributed to the innate weaknesses dogging the country. Citizens feel ill-prepared; the foundations are shaky and there is no plan for the future. Indolence, indecisiveness and sluggishness dominate public life, which is devoid of drive, of impetus for exploring new ideas and of innovation. No one appears willing to take any risks, to push ahead with the matters that concern us. The people expect the leadership to be bold, to have proposals and ideas, to inspire and to show them the way forward. Only action, hard work and an outward-looking approach to the world will dispel the clouds of glumness and the public’s fear of the future and of open borders. The people and its leadership together must formulate a plan of action, accept some sacrifices and, above all, set goals. The country needs to come alive, to wake up from its stupor and to move ahead, even if it makes mistakes or comes up against obstacles. And it must do so urgently.