January 11, 1958

GREECE AND ECSC: Luxembourg, 9 – Greece is considering the appointment of a permanent observer at the European Coal and Steel Community (Ed. note: The ECSC was the forerunner of the European Union.) It has recently made a request to that effect through its ambassador in Brussels and Luxembourg. Eight countries are permanently represented in the ECSC. WE WANT DIVISION: Ankara – Turkish Foreign Minister Fatin Zorlu after talks today with the British ambassador said the latter had assured him that Britain would never make a decision regarding Cyprus without first consulting Turkey. «As long as things are the way they are,» added the Turkish minister, «we should not be misled by rumors that are circulating but should make a daily review of the situation. In view of the dispute between the Turkish and Greek populations on the island – which is becoming increasingly intense – the Turkish government does not believe that autonomy is an option.» COMMUNISTS ARRESTED: Police have arrested members of the Piraeus cell of the illegal Communist Party of Greece which was responsible for hiding and caring for KKE members from behind the Iron Curtain.