January 14, 1958

BULGANIN TO KARAMANLIS: Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis yesterday received the Soviet ambassador who delivered a letter from Soviet Field Marshal [Nikolai] Bulganin which was almost identical to that sent to US President Dwight D. Eisenhower and British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan. The letter outlines the Soviet Union’s proposal to call a meeting in Geneva of the heads of government from NATO and the Warsaw Pact within the next two or three months in order to reduce international tension. Karamanlis said he would study the letter and reply in due course. The Soviet ambassador told the press that he did not think the text of the letter would be released that day. He declined to comment as to whether he and the prime minister had discussed other issues of international or bilateral interest. However, he did add that there had been no mention of yesterday’s announcement by the Hungarian Embassy regarding the installation of intercontinental missile bases on Greek territory. Despite that statement, it is believed certain that the prime minister and the ambassador discussed the announcement.