The weak foundations of the state are shaking

The Zachopoulos affair has paralyzed the country’s public life. In an environment characterized by the complete lack of meritocracy, where political debate is weak or non-existent, possible mismanagement and a not unusual human drama were enough to destabilize the political system and the country. Kathimerini feels the need to deal with the case, not in order to reveal the identity of the person who released the DVD but because it believes that the case reveals an accumulation of problems. What is important are the events that are emerging at the same time. These include the government’s responsibility for allowing mediocre people to hold important positions in the state hierarchy and to surround themselves with even more mediocre, even sinister, associates, as well as the fact that behind the sordid surface of events lie blackmail and a battle of interests, destroying the foundations of a healthy society. When politics is hostage to blackmailers and sensationalism, everyone should be concerned and wonder why the foundations of our political structures are are so weak.