January 16, 1958

ACCUSED: The ban on publishing news on the explosion at the American library on Stadiou Street in Athens and the American sector of the Hellenikon airport last August 12 has been lifted. Five Cypriots were arrested in connection with these events, four of them students and one unemployed. It has already been ascertained that they were acting on their own and not at the instigation of the Ethnarchy or the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) or any other propaganda group. The accused, who are the president and members of the National Cypriot Students’ Union, deny their guilt but the investigation has already discovered irrefutable evidence. Right after the ban was lifted, Athens police announced that the following people had been arrested in connection with the dynamite explosion last August: Christos Kaiser, 30; Georgios Kotsonis, unemployed; Michail Philippou, 22, a physics and mathematics students of Athens; Georgios Kaiser, 20, law student of Athens; and Patroklos Stavrou, philology student and a resident of Athens. (Ed. note: Later Stavrou was a member of the Cypriot government for 30 years.) The first three were remanded for trial and refused bail. The last two were allowed to go free, pending trial.