Old Egnatia

I enjoyed reading the article on the Egnatia road in the April 30, 2002 issue. But I must point out a factual error. It is stated that the highway was planned in the early 1990s. In fact, it started in 1968 (about 34 years ago). I know, because I worked on this project starting in October 1968 for over three and a half years as part of a small group of planning and engineering advisers (consultants) from the J G White Engineering Corp. We guided and assisted the Greek engineers of Hydromechaniki in the planning and design of the highway including the bridges and other facilities. I was the Bridge Engineer. One part of the road and some bridges had started construction during that period, i.e. before the end of 1972, and a substantial part of the design and construction plans were completed as well as much of the overall highway and bridge planning. Murray Brill, Athens