Not a day without a green charge

Not a day goes by without Greece being called to appear before the European Court of Justice on an environmental matter. So, after being referred to the ECJ on Tuesday over the protection of habitats and on Wednesday over toxic waste, yesterday it was the turn of water management. These referrals and indictments over environmental issues no longer come as a surprise to anyone, other than the Ministry of Public Works, which has even said that it learns about them from the press. It is only natural that when a country has no coherent environmental policy, it will face such unpleasant surprises. What these indictments confirm is that the country needs an independent environment ministry. The problem cannot be solved with words alone – the country needs to formulate a solid environmental policy and then enact it. And if the Public Works Ministry believes the fact that it has to learn of these cases from newspapers is ludicrous, Greek citizens likewise think it is ludicrous for the government to respond to so many charges with meaningless announcements.