Open letter to US citizens in Greece

We are at an important moment. As an American citizen in Greece, you can shape the future of your country by choosing the Democratic Party presidential candidate who best represents you, your family, and millions of people like you. Every US citizen outside the United States and over the age of 18 has the right to vote in the first-ever Global Presidential Primary of the Democratic Party February 5-12. Our primary votes determine whether Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, or Barack Obama is the Democratic Party candidate and thus, very likely, the next president of the United States. Some of us never lived in the US or left as children. Most of us never belonged to any party. It doesn’t matter. We live on a fragile planet influenced by American political choices. Anyone with a voice today has a moral obligation to use it. The whole world is watching us and praying. Voting in the Global Primary is simple. You can vote in the traditional way, in person, by coming to the Hotel Grande Bretagne in Syntagma Square on Friday, February 8 between 3 and 8 p.m., or Saturday, February 9 between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Bring your US passport, even an old one. Or you can vote by mail, fax, or Internet, but then you must register with Democrats Abroad by January 31, 2008 at www.votefromabroad.org. Your choice is secret. Your voting address is your or your parents’ last address in the US. You will receive your primary ballot from Democrats Abroad. If the Internet is a problem or you would prefer instructions in Greek, call John Lewis at 6946.121.241. The past seven years have not been good for ordinary Americans, including here in Greece. Whether you care about the environment, world peace, or simply the shrinking value of your pension and savings, you can make a choice to change the world. Please come and vote with us February 8-9 in Syntagma Square. FOR DEMOCRATS ABROAD GREECE: Beth Tate Hondros (Chair), Vasilis Kiritsis (Executive Vice Chair), Yvette Jarvis (Vice Chair), John Lewis (Secretary), Brady Kiesling (member).