Indifference or negligence?

As we speak, German company Siemens, a major American law firm (which conducted an investigation for Siemens), and the German and American justice systems have evidence of a major bribery scandal involving Greek government and state officials. The only people who seem to be entirely in the dark about this extremely important case are the Greek government and the country’s judiciary. Even though a growing number of pieces of the scandal that rocked Germany are being revealed and added to the puzzle in the media every day, not a single member of Greece’s executive and judicial bodies has felt the need to investigate the matter, leaving the country at the mercy of all possible kinds of international blackmail. Are they being indifferent or negligent? «Shedding light on the issue» sounds like a cliche, but this particular case is not about the political world saving face or the need for justice to be done. This is a matter of offering some rudimentary protection for the country, at least until we find out what exactly is going on.