January 31, 1958

DEMOCRITUS NUCLEAR REACTOR: It was announced yesterday that according to existing plans, the nuclear reactor, parts of which have already begun arriving in Greece, will be built on a 40 hectare site at the foot of Mt Hymettus. Large-scale preliminary construction work has already begun on facilities that will house the electricity, physics, biology, chemistry and agriculture laboratories as well as a dining room, library and offices. The head of the US Mission in Greece visited the site yesterday and observed the work in progress. He then visited the Alexandra Women’s Hospital, where he was shown the use of radioactive isotopes in research, diagnosis and therapy as well as methods for retrieving the radioactive material and measuring the effects of isotopes on patients. NEW BOOKS: Nikolaos P. Andriotis: «The Confederate State of Skopje and Language,» Athens, 1957. ERNST HEINKEL: The famous German aircraft builder Ernst Heinkel has died in Stuttgart after suffering a stroke at the age of 70. He founded what was to become a leading firm in 1922 and during World War II his factories employed 50,000 workers.