January 28, 1958

AGREEMENT IN CYPRUS: Nicosia, 25 – Calm prevailed in Cyprus today after the recent incidents between Greek-Cypriot leftists and rightists. An agreement to cease hostilities was reached last night between the two political factions at a meeting in the village of Trikomo. Meanwhile, young Turks held a demonstration in Limassol today in favor of dividing Cyprus and in protest at the island’s governor, Sir Hugh Foot, who held talks at Government House today with a group of Cypriot leftists. The Trikomo agreement was set out in a document signed by representatives of both factions at a ceremony in the village church. Four people were injured in clashes Thursday night in a nearby village. The leaders of the two sides shook hands and promised to continue the national struggle together for the purpose of uniting the island with Greece. At today’s demonstration in Limassol, the Turkish Cypriots cheered the former governor, Sir John Harding. It is said that the meeting was held to coincide with a conference in Ankara of the Baghdad Pact Council. Police used tear gas to break up the crowd after demonstrators began throwing stones at security forces trying to stop the march. Order was only restored after the army intervened.