January 26, 1958

CYPRIOT UNITY: The political wing of the National Cypriot Fighters’ Association (EOKA) distributed leaflets featuring proclamations across Cyprus today calling on all Greek Cypriots «to ignore those who are trying to cause divisions among the Cypriot people.» The proclamations, which refer to the recent incidents between leftist and rightist factions on the island, said the following: «Let those who do not have the national dignity to follow our line but prefer to play the rulers’ game remain silent. Our policy is clear. Our struggle is a national, not a partisan one. We will fight for freedom and self-determination, unflinchingly. Let everyone judge by what they see, as to who is causing divisions among the Cypriot people.» KARAMANLIS STATEMENT: Greek Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis, referring to the incidents in Cyprus, said yesterday: «The greatest enemy of the nation’s struggles has always been disunity. I am certain that the recent events in Cyprus are isolated. The Greek-Cypriot people are and will always be united and disciplined.» Most opposition parties yesterday adopted Cypriot Archbishop Makarios’s appeal for unity among all Cypriots.