So many layers of truth

The mighty always have ways of hiding the truth and of imposing their own version of events. While this «official» story is being constructed, just when the public is totally sick and tired, we see the gradual revelation of various layers of truth. In the Christos Zachopoulos case, we have seen the sex scandal and the political scandal, only to come to the realization of the extent to which every level of power is embroiled in this affair. Every member of this drama plays the role of actor and viewer, witness, prosecutor and prosecuted. The public, instead of reacting against all this filth in any way, allows itself to be sucked into this psychedelic spectacle. It identifies, empathizes, mocks and feigns surprise at every cheeky wink, at any hint that there may be something more to uncover, another sexy interpretation of events. There is no sense of measure, no sobriety, and this is not for lack of control, but for a lack of intention – mundane things are just too banal. The public is not just drawn to the intellectual stupidity and antiquated social models, or by the sight of the debacle unfolding. It is drawn by the power of television. The television screen, when it is diced into small «windows,» is a dangerous superpower. We call the media the «fourth estate,» a term which some see in a positive light (as protecting the citizen) and others in a negative one (in terms of its own objectives). A small portion of the media, however, is a few steps above, arm in arm with the politicians and economists. The passage to the upper tier costs it its credibility. The talking heads of journalists making fiery speeches about truth fail to convince us that they are fighting corruption rather than propagating it. We all bear some responsibility for this. None of us are obliged to listen to all this. It is not just television’s fault, but ours as well. If we do not withdraw our participation immediately, the cannibalistic machine will keep on humming, without end.