February 6, 1958

UNITED ARAB REPUBLIC: London, 5 – The parliaments of Egypt and Syria today unanimously approved the creation of the United Arab Republic and both countries will proceed to set up a temporary regime prior to final union and the appearance of the new republic subsequent to a referendum among the two peoples. Also approved was the proposal by Syrian President Shukri al-Quwatli for Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser to be new head of state. The union of Syria and Egypt is an unexpected development in the Middle East situation and opposition to it from the West, although boding ill for the union, has not yet been specific. Pro-Western Arabs in Lebanon are now condemning the failure by US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles in Ankara, and emphasize that the Baghdad Pact conference was a victory for the communists and left the Arabs no choice but to follow Nasser’s neutral policy. EIKONES MAGAZINE: In the latest issue, actress Vasso Manolidou talks about bright moments in her career. Also included is a visit to the studio of artist Panayiotis Tetsis and, as every week, Achilleas Mamakis comments on theater life.