February 8, 1958

MANCHESTER UNITED CRASH: London, 6 – A BEA aircraft bringing the Manchester United soccer team back to England after a match with Red Star Belgrade has crashed after taking off from Munich airport. According to reports, several journalists were aboard the flight, which was carrying about 40 people, of whom 17 were players. Later reports said that the aircraft, which was en route from Belgrade to London, crashed shortly after 3 p.m GMT after taking off from Munich airport. The aircraft was unable to gain altitude and crashed into a house before bursting into flames. According to initial reports, 14 bodies were dragged from the wreckage. One of the occupants of the house was also killed. The accident has plunged Britain into mourning, given the popularity of the team’s members who in recent years have made a great contribution to restoring the reputation of British football. Later, it was announced that 21 people were killed and 23 survived. Among the latter are Manchester United players Johnny Berry, Jackie Blanchflower, Dennis Viollet, Ray Wood, Bobby Charlton, Bill Foulkes, Harry Gregg, Kenny Morgans, Albert Scanlon.