February 9, 1958

YEMEN JOINS UAR: London, 7 – The newly formed United Arab Republic is to have a third member in addition to Egypt and Syria. It has been decided that Yemen is to join on the condition that it retains its monarch. Meanwhile there has been progress in formulating the new federation’s constitutional organization, and there will be a simultaneous referendum in Egypt and Syria on February 21. There has been no international opposition in the West to the formation of the new state, nor, strangely enough, has there been any official comment from the Soviet Union. Greece and Yugoslavia have both congratulated the two states on their union. CHARLES LANGBRIDGE MORGAN: The novelist, critic and playwright Charles Morgan has died at the age of 64. During the First World War he had been stranded in the Netherlands and later went to Oxford where he became one of the mainstays of its drama society and one of the most celebrated personalities of his generation. His aristocratic demeanor and elegant clothing were a fixture at all theater premieres during the 1920s. However, he only really achieved renown when he began to write novels.