February 11, 1958

HELLENIC AMERICAN UNION: It appears that a vacuum is to be filled by the founding of the Hellenic American Union, that is if the board of directors, to be established at the founders’ meeting, continues with the latter’s work. A nightingale does not always herald spring. A strong structure needs strong foundations on which to base all future hopes. The first event to be organized by the new union was the premiere of the film «Around the World in 80 Days,» produced by Michael Todd, whose wife Elizabeth Taylor has arrived in Athens from Moscow. The next event, beginning next Wednesday and continuing for the following seven Wednesdays, is a series of lectures at the Kentrikon Theater. In Greece, the American enlightenment has succeeded so far in garnering the attention of only two categories of people – a few scientists, industrialists and technicians and farmers. The majority of the urban middle class has generally remained ignorant of anything American that might interest the average Greek. The union’s purpose is to set up a Hellenic American academic and education center to inform citizens of both countries on developments in the other.