Is there really no scandal at all?

If all we have to go on in the increasingly complex Christos Zachopoulos case is witness testimonies, then what are we really left with? A sex tape that no one is known to have directed, no one appears to have shot, no one passed on to others, no one had the curiosity to look at and which no one even dared touch. In fact, there appears to be no scandal worth noting, financial or otherwise, save a small number of outstanding tax debts which have little bearing on the Zachopoulos case anyway. This is the idyllic picture that seems to have emerged from the judicial investigations and court records so far. One can only wonder if in fact nothing happened at all, or whether something did happen but there are those who don’t want the truth revealed. It makes sense for a system built on blackmail and shady transactions to have a fervent instinct for self-preservation, but it also makes sense to expect the justice system and the government to do their jobs.