February 13, 1958

GREECE-BRITAIN: A joint communique regarding the Greek-British talks on the Cyprus issue was released yesterday afternoon and, shortly afterward, the British delegation left for London. Previously, the governor of Cyprus, Sir Hugh Foot, had arrived in Nicosia following his talks with the ethnarch, Archbishop Makarios, with whom he had had a half-hour meeting. According to the communique and official statements made in Athens, London and Nicosia, the following conclusions can be drawn: Firstly, the talks were restricted to the framework set by the stated purpose of the visit. That is, all aspects of the Cyprus problem were examined and the Greek position was presented to the British. Secondly, as confirmed by British Foreign Secretary John Selwyn Lloyd, no settlement was reached, nor had that been expected. Nevertheless, the talks were of mutual benefit and allow for a further examination of the problem. Efforts to find a solution will be ensured by diplomatic means. Meanwhile, the British initiative to hold a meeting between Sir Hugh Foot and Archbishop Makarios, who is regarded as the sole representative of the Cypriot people, was seen as positive.