May 10, 1952

MONTGOMERY INTERVENES: Field Marshal Montgomery of Britain, currently visiting Greece, made a speech yesterday evening that was important both for its military and political content, in response to a toast by Deputy Prime Minister Sophocles Venizelos at an official dinner given by the Greek government. The British field marshal said that much still needed to be achieved in Greece in both the economic and social sectors. «I do not believe that you will be able to continue indefinitely to spend about 50 percent of your budget on defense. I think the problem needs to be examined to see whether it might not be possible to meet your defense needs for a smaller annual outlay,» he said. ‘SECOND PROGRAM’: Tomorrow Athens state radio is to launch a second station on a separate wavelength. (…) The new station will combine two types of programs. First of all, there will be a selection of programs to attract discerning listeners, and secondly, other programs for the purpose of educating people without, however, being devoid of entertainment. They include programs of music from opera, others for students of music, Greek and foreign plays produced for radio (every Wednesday at 9.10 p.m.), current affairs programs (interviews four times a week with people in the news), replies to viewers’ questions (every Sunday), light entertainment and programs with actors in popular revues and musicals, quiz shows, and detective stories.