February 18, 1958

FRANCE – NORTH AFRICA: London, 15 – Although a week has passed since the bombing of the Tunisian border village of Sakiet Sidi Yousef by the French air force, tension between the two countries remains high. The Tunisian government claims that French troops are massing near its northern borders and that French air force planes have been flying over the region, even violating Tunisian airspace. A French government spokesman said today that there are no more troops or mechanized units in the border area than usual. He added that troop movements observed along the border had been scheduled since over a week ago. Meanwhile a major battle is being waged between French forces and Algerian rebels near the border area. Algeria’s French authorities say that so far 102 rebels have been killed in the clashes, while the French have lost 11 men and another 42 have been injured. The village of Sakiet, bombarded last week by the French, is within this same area. Today’s battles were fought in the northeastern sector of Algeria. The border with Tunisia is just 35 miles to the east. This morning the battle was continuing.