No time for partisan politics

It’s time Greece’s political leaders assumed their responsibilities. A longstanding problem is nearing a settlement. A thorn in the side of Greece’s diplomats that has wasted a great deal of energy could soon be removed. Provided the country’s political parties rise to the occasion. This applies above all to the leader of the socialist PASOK opposition. George Papandreou in the past served a long term as Greece’s foreign minister and has a good grasp of the issues at stake. He should by no means repeat the counterproductive politicking displayed during the government’s effort to reform the education system, which in any case failed to boost his electoral chances. Greece cannot afford to waste another chance. It must engage in negotiations and secure its interests. Above all, it must be pragmatic. Major foreign policy issues should not become populist ping-pong balls for the public’s amusement. Diplomacy should not be left in the hands of demagogues who are only really concerned about their own political future, not that of their country.