February 23, 1958

CYPRUS: Nicosia, 22 – The newspaper Eleftheria has published statements made in Athens by Archbishop Makarios to the effect that Cypriots will reject any British proposal for the future of Cyprus that is based on a division of the island, the installation of Turkish bases on the island, or tripartite talks. GREECE-INDONESIA: Djakarta, 22 – Indonesia and Greece have decided to exchange diplomatic representatives, according to the Indonesian Foreign Ministry. The decision was made by the two governments in order to have closer, friendly relations and promote cooperation on the basis of mutual interest and understanding. Therefore, the Indonesian government has approved the appointment of I. M. Vassileiou as ambassador plenipotentiary in Djakarta. It was not announced whether the Indonesian government had appointed a diplomatic representative to Greece. MILLER AND MONROE: Washington, 22 – The lawyers of Pulitzer Prize winner Arthur Miller claim that the House Committee on Un-American Activities took advantage of the writer’s marriage to Marilyn Monroe in order to draw attention to itself. The claim is included in an appeal to the US Supreme Court to overturn a committee ruling that found Miller in contempt of Congress.