An opportunity to squash tax fraud and other illegalities

In Germany and the United States, there is just a handful of people who commit tax fraud and this is owed to one simple reason: Everyone is well aware of the fact that there is no safe haven for anyone, even a major businessman or close friend of, say, the chancellor’s, as a recent story in the Deutsche Post illustrated. In Greece, unfortunately, there are ministers who for many years now have hesitated to fight tax evasion and enforce laws against fraud when the guilty part is a major publisher or businessman. There are many cases on record where the authorities and the judiciary have all done their jobs properly, but the files have been left to gather dust awaiting the decision of some minister. Now, the government has the opportunity to prove that it is not afraid of anyone, no matter how high their status. If it decides to take this opportunity, it will also be making a first important step in squashing illegality in other spheres as well.