February 25, 1958

GREECE-BULGARIA: Sofia radio, commenting on Greek-Bulgarian trade relations, expressed the desire of the Bulgarian government to further develop those relations and said that its efforts had led to smoother ties in the sector. According to the commentator, the fact that Greece and Bulgaria are neighboring countries and their products well-known, they could complement each other. Trade circles in Greece have often expressed the desire to develop relations with Bulgaria but faster transport is needed in order to achieve that goal. YUGOSLAVIA: Thessaloniki, 22 – The military authorities made the following announcement today. «Yesterday at noon, a Yugoslav military aircraft landed at the Sedes air base piloted by Lieutenant Morislav Vukovic who asked for political asylum. Later in the day, a group of Yugoslav pilots arrived at the base to take the aircraft back to Yugoslavia. In accordance with international treaties, Vukovic was granted asylum.» ATHENS METRO: A French expert on underground railways has arrived in Athens for talks with the authorities on the subject of a metro system in the Greek capital.