February 26, 1958

HUNZA TRIBE: London, 26 – A British couple, David and E.O. Lorimer, recently published an extremely interesting account of a scientific mission during which they met a largely unknown Indian tribe, the Hunza, who live in an isolated part of the country at an altitude of 1,600-2,300 meters, spread over approximately 200 villages. The authors say that the Hunza claim to be descended from ancient Greeks. Their features are similar to those of Europeans but their dialect bears no similarity to any European language. The people are largely disease-free and the majority live more than 100 years. They approach death with great calm. Their wounds heal rapidly and never become infected. They eat very little, mostly fruit and bread baked without yeast or salt. They drink wine and smoke. They are also very clean. What impressed the British scientists most was the form of quasi-hibernation they practice in the winter months. During that time, they eat nothing and rest completely. Their fortitude is amazing and they are able to cover long distances in the mountains without becoming fatigued. ATHENS METRO: A French expert on underground railways has arrived in Athens for talks with the authorities on the subject of a metro system in the Greek capital.