Welcome signs of maturity

It’s no doubt encouraging that the vast majority of Greece’s politicians appear to have learnt their lesson from the debacle of the 1990-1993 period. With the exception of a small number of nostalgic hardliners, the deputies of all parties (but one) have said that they will not participate in demagogic protest rallies organized by populist politicians with the sole aim of garnering votes. Greece is now mature enough to avoid trying to appear as a fearsome country that believes it can conduct diplomacy by holding loud even violent demonstrations such as those organized by the nationalist groups in our neighboring state. Most of Greece’s institutions – including the Church – have learnt to wage diplomatic battles in a cool-headed manner. It is common knowledge that the nationalist populism that fueled the mass protests 15 years ago is responsible for the current situation in which Athens has to now go begging for an offer made in the past. In these times, such signs of maturity are more than welcome.