Greece, the American elections and foreign policy

I am surprised Alexis [Papachelas] has «long tried to understand why the US got involved in Kosovo» as per his article «Glaring errors in the Balkans» (February 27.) Sometimes the explanation for major incidents has nothing to do with geopolitical logic, theories or «Albanian lobbies.»  A simple explanation is appropriate and probably more correct. It happened at the time that Monica’s dress with Bill Clinton’s purported sperm was making big headlines in the US and the «buzz» was that Bill Clinton was «wagging the dog» (i.e. trying to divert attention from his problems). If the issue was related to «a heinous humanitarian crisis» then the United States would have also acted in Africa. ELIAS KATSOS, New York City. I read the commentary («The Greek cult of Obama,» February 28) with great surprise. I can understand why Greece would like to see the US be less of a thug and more of a respectable nation. I think the whole world would like to see this. But why do Greeks feel the need to love a foreign country? Greece needs to look out for it’s own national interests and not worry about pleasing some foreign state with which it is «in love.» Greece can learn much from Turkey in this regard. CHRIS DASKALAKIS, By e-mail.

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