Is bribery OK as long as it’s under 73,000 euros?

Making it a criminal offense to give or receive bribes of over 73,000 euros is ludicrous as most bribes are below the stated amount; I know, as I have been a victim myself many times. Is [Justice Minister Sotiris] Hatzigakis («Bribery law to be made tougher,» February 6, 2008) sending out the message that bribery is acceptable as long as it is under a certain amount? Is robbery acceptable as long as one steals under a certain amount? If Greece is to lose its «banana republic» image, the people must vote into power politicians with the foresight to pass effective laws to serve its people fairly rather trying to line their own pockets and the pockets of their cronies. I would like to know what formula Mr Hatzigakis used to derive 73,000 euros, or is it simply a reaction to recent events without any thought applied to justify his position! P. MOYHRITSAS, Cheshire, England.

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