May 13, 1952

OLD AIRPORT: (From a commentary by Eleni Vlachou) «Look around you at the works of man, at the expressions of modern civilization. Yes, just look at them, at the furnishings, decorations, wall coverings, lights, windows… Have you ever seen anything uglier? Anything poorer, cruder or more miserable? Have you ever seen, anywhere, such frightful, terrible store window displays? (…) Coffee, a mixture of Greek and American blends, is undrinkable. Orange juice, even here in Greece, is canned, and American too. (…) FLOWERS: An afternoon newspaper, whose affiliations are divided equally between communism and (Prime Minister Nikolaos) Plastiras, wonders why the people who tried to lay flowers on the graves of executed spies have been arrested. Obviously the Red-Plastiras newspaper is making a pretense at naivete, because those people who have been laying flowers on the graves are not relatives of the deceased, whose right to honor their dead would be sacred and unquestioned. On the contrary, they are their political supporters, and the flowers represent cheers for people who were sentenced to death for espionage by a court of law. Obviously, the newspaper, being left wing, is not written with the right hand, but with the feet.