May 15, 1952

CONSPIRACY: According to information received from an absolutely reliable source, the veracity of which cannot be questioned, a broad-based and very dangerous communist organization has been uncovered, which has had members active both within the air force and the navy. The Plastiras government unfortunately kept this conspiracy hidden for a long time, to the great detriment of the country, given that many of those implicated in the conspiracy are still serving in the armed forces and investigations are being carried out at such a slow pace that the guilty parties are likely to escape being sanctioned. Not unrelated to this case is the arrest, which took place a few days ago but was only revealed today, of Flight Lt. T. Metaxas, and the punishment of a small number of cadets at the Poros naval academy, a fact which the government also concealed, claiming that the cadets had been sanctioned for a mass breach of discipline related to a question over their uniforms. CAPTAIN BEETHOVEN: A Piraeus court was to try yesterday (May 14) the notorious bandit leader from the island of Evia, C. Sapountzis, aka Captain Beethoven, after several postponements due to the absence of key witnesses. WORKS OF MAN: (From a commentary by Eleni Vlachou) « (…) Look around you at the works of man, at the expressions of modern civilization…. Have you ever seen anything uglier or cruder in the store windows?»