May 16, 1952

TRIESTE QUESTION: London, 15 – Yugoslavia today replied to a decision by London to provide administrative jurisdiction in Italy in the Trieste zone, by abolishing all those administrative measures contained in the peace treaty with Italy that gave it a simple mandate in Zone Two. As of tomorrow, the Yugoslav zone in Trieste will effectively be Yugoslav territory. DEATH OF AN ‘IMPLICATED’ PERSON: The press bureau of the Air Force Ministry announced that civilian Christos Dadalis, imprisoned after being implicated in a recently discovered communist organization within the air force, died on May 4. The coroners, professors Katsas and Fatouros, found that death resulted from an acute pulmonary edema, resulting from natural causes. The authorities have notified his family. HAMBRO LOAN: The British banker, Mr Hambro, who has been visiting Athens, has now left after effectively completing his business here. He reached an agreement over the settlement of industrial debts of the order of approximately 450,000 pounds, including interest. Based on the agreement, the industrialists who have obtained loans from the Hambro Bank and Hellenic Trust Company will undertake to pay them off in drachmas into a National Bank account, and the accumulated sum will used for further loans to Greek industries at an interest rate of 7 percent.