Grandiloquence no substitute for deeds

Ultimately, a state is judged by the amount of care it provides to its weakest members. On this front, the Greek state scores negative marks and the numbers illustrate just how poor its performance is. Of the some 180,000 children in this country with physical or learning disabilities, only 1,350 will ever make it into secondary education. This percentage of 0.75 reflects the size of the state’s failure, as it confines itself to making grandiloquent statements while leaving the weaker members of society to fend for themselves when it comes to their education. The government has taken a first step with the draft law for the reform of education for people with special needs. There is concern, however, that these changes will be nothing more than a drop in the ocean compared to what needs to be done. What’s more, the government needs to move fast on change, because it has dragged its feet for far too long. We must never forget that no one should be excluded from our society.